Master of Science in Climate Change is a new course offered in the Department of Meteorology,University of Nairobi.

The course is interdisciplinary in nature and is open to potential applicants with atleast a first degree in many areas of specialization..

Above:Graphics of climate change.Master of Science in climate change is a new program to adress many such challenges.




Disaster risk assessment (ELECTIVE)
Changes in climate extremes and their impacts on the ecosystem (ELECTIVE)
Climate Change Science
Climate Change hazards, vulnerability and risk assessment
Climate change adaptation and mitigation
Socio-political dimensions of climate change
Economics of Climate Change
Climate change and environmental sustainability
Climate change and geospatial modeling
Research methods and Techniques
Research project
Climate Change Agriculture, Livestock and Food security(ELECTIVE)
Technology and innovation for climate change(ELECTIVE)
climate Change, Human health and wellbeing(ELECTIVE)
Energy resources and technologies (ELECTIVE)
Climate change and Water Resources Management (ELECTIVE)
Climate change and Water Resources Management (ELECTIVE)
Rapid climate change(ELECTIVE)
Climate Change and Biodiversity (ELECTIVE)
Climate Change and Coastal Zone Management (ELECTIVE)
Statistics and modelling for climate change science (ELECTIVE)
Advanced Climate Change Science (ELECTIVE)
Regional Climate modeling and Scenarios (ELECTIVE)
Physics of Climate Models (ELECTIVE)
Climate Change Modeling and Simulation
Socio economic dimensions of Climate Change adaptation and Mitigation(ELECTIVE)
Gender and Climate Change (ELECTIVE)
Advanced socio-economic benefit assessment of climate change (ELECTIVE)
Environmental International Agreements (ELECTIVE)
Communication of Climate Change(ELECTIVE)
Disaster risk communication (ELECTIVE)