The vision of the Department of Meteorology Alumni is to take a core role in the promotion of active leadership in the community by promoting interaction among the Alumni, in the student community, society and Meteorology related industry.

Our mission is to represent and depict interests of the members and to use their talents and resources in support of Department's quest to achieving its goals and exercising social responsibility. We are driven by the values of courtesy, honesty, integrity and professionalism

The Association which is non political has the following objectives:

  • To develop alumni programmes that promotes effective networks amongst its members.
  • To promote the academic, physical, and moral growth of the members of the Department.
  • To assist the Department in the growth and advancement of its socio-cultural and co-curricular activities.
  • To enhance the involvement of the Department in Community Service.
  • To liaise with Associations of other Institutions of Higher Learning both locally and internationally.
  • To project a positive image of the Department.

Prof. Muthama John N

Prof. Nganga John K

Prof. Mutua Francis M

Dr. Karanja Fredrick K

Prof. Ininda Joseph M

Dr. Oludhe Christopher

Dr. Ouma Gilbert O.

Dr. Opere Alfred O

Dr. Okoola Raphael E. A.

Dr. Mutemi Joseph N.

Dr. Opijah Franklin

Mr. Lukorito Cromwel B

Dr. Gitau Wilson

Prof. Laban A Ogallo - Director, IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (Kenya)

Prof. Fredrick Semazzi - North Carolina State University (USA)

Prof. Richard Anyah - University of Connecticut (USA)

Prof Silvery B. B. Otengi - Director, Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, MMUST (Kenya)

Prof. George Karani - Cardiff Metropolican University, (United Kingdom)

Prof. Charles Basarilwa - Makerere University (Uganda)

Dr. Agnes Kijazi - Director General, Tanzania Meteorological Agency

Dr. Joseph R Mukabana - Director, Kenya Meteorological Department

Dr. Leonard N. Njau - African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (Niger)

Dr. William Nyakwada - World Meteorological Organisation (Switzerland)

Dr. Zablon O. Owiti - National Council of Science and Technology (Kenya)

Dr. Faith W. Githui - Future farming system research, Department of Primary Industries (Australia)

Mr. Arthur Gar-Glahn - Director of Meteorology (Liberia)

Mr. G K Munthali - Deputy Director, Climate Change & Meteorological Services (Malawi)

Mr. Samwel W Muchemi - Scientific Officer, World Meteorological Organisation (Switzerland)

Ms. Stella Aura - Principal, Institute of Meteorological Training and Research (Kenya)

Mr Charles L Vanya - Principal Meteorologist, Climate Change & Meteorological Services (Malawi)

Year Programmes Male Female Total
2012 BSc (Meteorology) 26 14 40
  MSc (Agrometeorology) 1 0 1
  MSc (Meteorology) 4 1 5
2011 BSc (Meteorology) 37 12 49
  MSc (Agrometeorology) 1 1 2
  MSc (Aviation Meteorology) 1 0 1
  MSc (Meteorology) 2 1 3
  Post Graduate Diploma 1 0 1
  PhD (Meteorology) 1 0 1
2010 BSc (Meteorology) 24 5 29
  MSc (Agrometeorology) 1 0 1
  MSc (Meteorology) 4 2 6
  PhD (Meteorology) 1 0 1

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