Vision, Mission, Core values and Quality objectives



To be the premier international African center of excellence in pursuit of generation advancement, preservation, dissemination and application of knowledge in basic and applied meteorology.


To provide quality education and training in Meteorology through the creation, preservation, intergration, transmission and utilization of knowledge for the improvement of the welfare of the people of Kenya and all humanity.

Core Values

  1. Freedom of thought and expression. 
  2. Innovativeness and creativity. 

  3. Good corporate governance

  4. Team spirit and teamwork. .

  5. Professionalism. 

  6. Quality customer service. 

  7. Responsible corporate citizenship and strong social responsibility.

  8. Respect for and conservation of the environment.

Departmental Quality Objectives

  1. To continuously produce holistic graduates who meets the needs of the market.
  2. To conduct high quality, relevant research and consultancy.
  3. To nurture academic programmes to world class status.
  4. To manage the Departmental resources effectively.