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Meteorological information plays an essential role for air navigation and is required to ensure the safety and efficiency of civil aviation operations.  This requires training of highly skilled personnel in Aviation Meteorology.  Aviation Meteorology is offered at Postgraduate Diploma and at Master of Science Levels in the Department of Meteorology.

The thematic area is the basic unit in the academic functions and activities in the Department of Meteorology.  The Development of PGD (Aviation Met) and Msc (Aviation Met) programmes in the above Thematic Area have benefited from several universities in Australia and the USA also the WMO Guidelines on Post – Bsc Training in Aviation Meteorology (WMO No. 258) were consulted.  Stakeholders in the East African Community Region were also consulted and their inputs included. The objectives of these programmes are given below.

The objectives of the PGD (Aviation Meteorology) include:

  1. Provide students, having a background of undergraduate Meteorology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and any other applied sciences with theoretical and practical knowledge in Aviation Meteorology.
  2. Equip the students with necessary tools for them to work in Aviation and related industries.
  3. Expose the students to areas of current operational and research aspects in aviation meteorology.

The objectives of the Msc (Aviation) programme are therefore to:

  • Provide students, having a background in Meteorology, with advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in Aviation Meteorology for increased safety on the ground and in the air.
  • Equip the students with knowledge in accident site management techniques including accident investigation and reporting.
  • Expose the students to current research in the aviation industry.
  • Expose the students to legal and moral concepts that influence developments in national and international law in the aviation industry.


Thematic  area  title and  description





SMR 603 General Circulation Of The Atmosphere 45
SMR 608 Atmospheric Thermodynamics And Convection 45
SMR 610 Boundary Layer Meteorology 45
SMR 636 Atmospheric Pollution 45
SMR 642 Aviation Physiology 45
SMR 648 Aviation Tropical Meteorology 45
SMR 650 Remote Sensing For Aviation Meteorology 45
SMR 652 Air Traffic Management 45
SMR 640 Aviation Management And Safety 45
SMR 641 Aerodynamics 45
SMR 643 Aviation Synoptic Meteorology 45
SMR 645 Aircraft Icing 45
SMR 648 Aviation Forecasts And Assessment Of Forecast Quality 45
SMR 647 Turbulence 45
SMR 649
  Research Methods  





Dr Raphael Okoola(HEAD)

Synoptic Meteorology, Aviation, Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Prof Joseph M. Ininda

Weather and Climate Prediction


  • Aviation meteorologists provide weather information in the aviation Industry.


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A windvane is an instrument that gives direction to Aviators and other personnel.

This Instrument is housed at Chiromo Meteorological Station.

Wind Vane for showing wind direction