The ITCZ and the Season Cycle over Equatorial Africa
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Wed, 2018-07-18 14:30 - 16:00
Synoptic Laboratory, Department of Meteorology, University of Nairobi

Professor Sharon Nicholson is a Professor of Meteorology, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science, Florida State University where she teaches courses in Global Climate System, Physical Climatology, Dynamic climatology and advanced topics in climatology. She has published several Articles on the African climate and has won several grants and contracts from the US government. She recently published an article in the Reviews of Geophysics that examined the drivers of inter-annual and regional rainfall variability in eastern Africa that gave a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge on the region’s rainfall regime, and its temporal and spatial variability.

In February 2018 she published an article on re-examining the ITCZ as a control on rainfall and its variability in equatorial Africa, an article that challenges the assumption that the seasonal cycle of rainfall in equatorial Africa is controlled by the season excursion of the ITCZ and calls for additional research on the seasonal cycle.


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C.B. Lukorito
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