Past Research Projects in Meteorology

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Past Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Enhancing Quality And Reliability Of Weather And Climate Forecasts In The Greater Horn Of Africa (gha). Deans committee
Prof. N. J. Muthama
2005 1,415 View Details
Scientific Assessment Of Ozone Depletion 2003 View Details
Improvement Of Our Understanding Of Rainfall Mechanisms, Prediction And Verification Methods In Kenya. Phase I. Sponsored by African Centre for Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD).
Prof. J. M. Ininda
2003 14,154 View Details
Module On Flood And Early Warning For Regional Course In Msc IWRM 2001- 2003 2001 2003 View Details
Probability Modelling Of Climate Data. Importance Of Mathematical Modelling Of Biological And Biomedical Processes, 2000 2004 View Details
Wind Energy Projects & Solar And Wind Energy Resource Atlas (swera) Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) (Kenya), MoE and other International Partners. / Dr. Oludhe 2000 2000 4,000 View Details
Wind Atlas For Kenya regional center for remote sensing(kasarani)/oludhe,c 1999 2004 View Details
Develop A Course On Renewable Energy Resources univerity of oldenburg,germany/oludhe,c 1999 2004 View Details
Intraseasonal Climate Variability Over Eastern center de recherches de climatology/oludhe,c 1999 2004 View Details
The Heavy Rainfall Event Of 17-22 October 1997 At The Kenyan Coast THE KENYAN METEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT,NAIROBI,KENYA ICPAC IRI NCSU/ININDA,J.M 1999 2004 View Details
Extreme Weather:droughts And Floods KENYATTA UNIVERSITY/MUTHAMA,N.J 1999 2004 View Details
Intraseasonal Climate Variability Over Eastern Africa CENTER DE RECHERCHES DE CLIMATOLOGIE FRE 2740 CNRS UNIVERSITY DE BOURGOGNE,FRANCE/OKKOOLA,R.E 1999 2004 View Details
Develop A Course On Renewable Energy Resources univerity of oldenburg,germany/oludhe,c 1999 View Details
Transition From The Southern To The Northern Hemisphere Summer Of Zones Of Active Convection Over The Congo Basin the kenya meteorogical department,Nairobi,Kenyaokoola,R,E 1991 2004 View Details
Development Of Predictive Tools (moraps Software-helpfile) For Enhanced Utilization Of Climate Information And Prediction Products For Tana River Basin In Kenya 2005 View Details
Focal Person Flood Frequency Analysis Component FRIEND /Nile project 2005 View Details
Climate Impacts On Malaria AIACC project 2005 View Details
Forecasting Of Extreme Climatic Events In Kenya With A Case Study On Drought Management In Kajiado District. National Council of Science and Technology
Dr J. M Ininda(PI)
2004 9,483 View Details
Capacity Building And The Development Of Tools For Enhanced Utilization Of Climate Information And Prediction Products For The Planning And Management Of Hydropower Resources In Ke 2004 View Details
Team Leader For Eastern Africa: Assessment Of Vulnerability Of Water Resources Due To Environmental Change In Africa UNEP-DEWA 2004 View Details
Equatorial Total Ozone As A Predictor Of Sea Surface Temperatures Useful For East Africa Seasonal Rainfall Prediction 2003 View Details
A Simple Atmospheric Systems Risk Indicator Model: Application To Fog Hazards At Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Muthama N. J PhD. 2003 View Details
Flood Assessment In Western Kenya UNEP/WMO funded 2003 View Details
Transfer Function Noise Models For Short Duration Hydrological Events In Epphemeral-stream Catchments Of Kenya. 2002 View Details
Streamflow Regionalization Using Discordancy And Heterogenity Measure Statistics. 2002 View Details
Research On Factoring Weather And Climate Information And Products Into Disaster Management Policy In Kenya For The Energy, Industry, Transport And Communication Sectors. 2002 View Details
Impact Of Rainfall Variability On Water Resources Management In Kitui UNESCO FUNDED 2002 View Details
Research On The Impacts Of The 1997-98 El-nino On Energy, Transport And Communication Sectors. 2001 View Details
Research On The Assessment Of The Potential Benefits Of Seasonal Rainfall Prediction In Relation To Hydropower Generation In Kenya 2001 View Details
The Characteristics Of Cold Air Outbreaks Over The Eastern Highlands Of Kenya. R.E. Okoola, Ph.D. 2000 View Details
Trend Of Carborn Dioxide Emmissions From Fossil Fuels And Cement Production In Kenya 2000 View Details
An Assessment Of The Space-time Characteristics Of Wind Power Availability In Kenya 1997 View Details
Analysis Of Power Output Curves From Five Wind Energy Converters At The Wind Farm In Norden, Germany 1989 View Details
Statistical Characteristics Of Wind Power In Kenya 1987 View Details
Probable Maximum Precipitation Over Tana River Basin 1984 View Details
Agricultural Meteorology View Details
Climate Modelling ICPAC, IRI NC State University View Details
Commercial Meteorology View Details
Environmental And Physical Meteorology University of Rome, Physics Department of Wales View Details
Hydrometeorology And Surface Water Resources University of Cairo, Inst. For water resources research, (WRRI) Egypt Khartom University Dar el Salaam IHE-DELFT German, FSU (Friedrich-Schikar-University, Jena) Institute of Geography and Hydro View Details
Numerical Weather Prediction UNEP Riso, Denmark NREL, US View Details
Renewable Energy Resources UNEP Riso, Denmark NREL, US View Details
Satellite Meteorology View Details
Synoptic Meteorology Centre de Recherches de Climatologie CNRS / UMR 5080 Climatologie de lEspace Tropical Universit de Bourgogne DMC-N View Details
A Review Study On The Current And Longer-term Trend Of The Food Security And Livelihood Trends In The Greater Horn Of Africa (gha) Collaboration with Ottichilo Wilbur, Tesfaye Korme and Khamala Erick (Regional Centre for Mapping and Development), Kinyoda Gideon (USGS FEWS NET), Kariuki Gatarwa and Robert Kaitho (LINKS), and Haan View Details
Integrating Vulnerability And Adaptation To Climate Change Into Sustainable Development Policy Planning And Implementation In Eastern And Southern Africa Collaboration with Wandiga Shem (Dept. of Chemistry, UON), Opondo Maggie (Dept. of Geography, UON), Olago Dan (Dept. of Geology, UON) and Oduor James (OOP/ALRMP, Food Security / Drought Management) View Details