Welcome to the University of Nairobi. We are delighted that you have joined a world class university.  As you prepare for the orientation programme, please note the following:

1. Online Registration 24th – 31th, August 2020

There are steps you must complete before then.

Logging into the portal will show you a complete list of everything you must complete. 

You must do these steps in order. The next step will not appear until the previous step is completed in full.

Step 1 - Log into the SMIS portal ( using the credentials sent to you. If you haven’t received the login credentials write to,

Step 2 – Download Joining Instructions (Academic, Legal and Health Requirements)

Step 3 - Complete the forms downloaded in step 2

Step 4 – Pay the prescribed fees (This must be done 48 hours before attempting step 5).

Step 5 - Complete online registration and submit your request for registration

(The Online registration portal shall be opened on August 24, 2020)

Step 6 – Wait for the confirmation of your registration. An alert shall be sent to your registered mobile number when this done.

Step 7- Login into the SMIS portal ( an complete your profile (You shall be required to create an email address and Active director account in this step)

Step 8 – Undertake Course Registration

Note: Ensure you download all the duly completed documents in the joining instructions to the University portal.

2. Virtual Orientation – August 31 to September 6th, 2020

You will be taken trough the following steps to join training and class sessions:

Step 1 – Video Conference Etiquette (Before and after joining class)

Step 2 – How to join Google Meet class via phone or computer Step 3 – Key Google Meet features

3. Steps before Online Classes – 7th September 2020

Beginning 7th September 2020 and continuing, you will receive information on training on online platforms like Google Class and E-Class.

Step 1 – Ensure you have the appropriate electronic gadget eg. smart phone, tablet,  iPad  or laptop

Step 2 -  Register for the Online Training

Step 3 – Download the Training Schedule

Step 4 -  Access the Training Link Step 5 – Log in and join the training Note:

Online Training is Mandatory to enable you to undertake your online learning and examinations during the Covid 19 pandemic.

4.  Steps towards Online Classes – 14th September 2020

These online updates will answer your questions and through this transition.

Step 1 – Confirm Registration of Courses

Step 2 – Download Class Timetables

Step 3 – Access the links to the classes

Step 4 – Access Library Resources

Step 5 – Join the classes to be able to account for class attendance

Step 6 – Report to your Dean/Director any issue related to online learning that you may require assistance.

Note: Ensure you attend all prescribed classes, take all assignments, continuous assessment tests and examinations.

5.  Help Desk

There will be a help desk set up at every registration point for assistance.

The Admissions office will however serve as the central help desk.

Tel. contacts:  Academic Registrar 0204913199/3027/3196/3067/3065

Graduate School 0204913128/3129/8030/8032

Customer Experience Centre contacts: 0204910000, 0204914112